UGASports LIVE, Episode 533 with Jim Donnan

November 28, 2017

Georgia trounced Tech and is now set to face Auburn in a rematch for the SEC title. Jim Donnan predicted the Yellow Jacket carnage at Bobby Dodd Stadium, so what does he predict for the Bulldogs when they face Auburn again? Catch the analysis, jokes, prognostications and of course the answers to your questions in this week's episode of UGASports LIVE. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 532 with Jim Donnan

November 21, 2017

Georgia throttled the Wildcats of Kentucky last Saturday, bouncing back after the hard loss to Auburn the week before. Coach Jim Donnan breaks down the game for us, looks ahead to Georgia Tech, answers your questions about players leaving for the NFL Draft and of course cracks jokes about the Yellow Jackets. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 531 with Jim Donnan

November 14, 2017

In this week's joke-filled podcast, Jim Donnan breaks down what went wrong for the Bulldogs against Auburn and what Georgia needs to fix before facing Kentucky this weekend. He, along with Radi and Jake, answer viewer questions regarding play calling, philosophy, recruiting and much more.


UGASports LIVE, Episode 530 with Jim Donnan

November 7, 2017

In this week's episode of the UGASports LIVE podcast, Jim Donnan recaps the South Carolina game and looks ahead to the upcoming battle with Auburn. He explains why Georgia's pass rush is not where some fans would like and explains a questionable call versus the Gamecocks. Donnan also has a joke or two to share. Jake Reuse discusses the repercussions of 5-star offensive tackle Cade Mays decommitting from Tennessee after visiting Georgia. Plus as we do every week, we answer questions and drink beer. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 529 with Jim Donnan

October 31, 2017

The Cocktail Party turned into a bloodbath as the Bulldogs walloped the Gators so bad Florida fired its coach. Jim Donnan called it last week and it came to pass. This week we talk Georgia in the playoffs, major commitments, what to watch for going forward and of course, we answer your questions. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 528 with Jim Donnan

October 24, 2017

This week The UGASports guys and former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan preview the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville. Predictions are made, analysis is given, jokes are told and Founders beer is imbibed. Most importantly though, your questions are ansewered. Check it out.


UGASports LIVE, Episode 527 with Jim Donnan

October 17, 2017

In this week's episode of UGASports LIVE, former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan breaks down the Bulldogs' win over Missouri, and we cover a number of recruiting updates you can't find anywhere else. Coach Donnan answers questions from our readers and, of course, he has a few jokes as well. Make sure you share with your fellow Dawgs fans... and maybe your Auburn loving neighbor. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 526 with Jim Donnan

October 11, 2017

Georgia lands an unprecedented third five-star quarterback in a row and moves up to No. 4 in the nation. Former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan talks about why Justin Fields is the biggest commitment for the Bulldogs since Herschel Walker and what we can expect from Georgia going forward. Plus he has a few jokes you do not want to miss. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 525 with Jim Donnan

October 3, 2017

Georgia humiliated Tennessee in Knoxville and jumped to No. 5 in the nation. Former Georgia coach Jim Donnan weighs in on the incredible turnaround of Georgia's defense, what to do about Jacob Eason and Justin Fields and what the Bulldogs need to be worried about going forward. Plus he has a few jokes to share, at Tennessee's expense, and the UGASports guys answer your questions.


UGASports LIVE, Episode 524 with Jim Donnan

September 26, 2017

Jim Donnan breaks out the energy and the Tennessee jokes as we review Georgia's blowout win over Mississippi State, its effects on recruiting and we look ahead to the game in Knoxville. We also answer your questions and start the show with a quick interview of Your Pie founder Drew French. Do not miss this episode.