UGASports LIVE, Episode 546 with Jim Donnan

March 6, 2018

On this week's episode, we have exclusive updates from our time at the NFL Combine, plus recruiting and team scoop you won't find anywhere else. Former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan answers your questions and drops in a few jokes.


UGASports LIVE, Episode 545 with Jim Donnan

February 27, 2018

Questions, questions and more questions are answered in this week's episode, including one about a possible silent commit. Jake Reuse has some Bulldogs recruiting scoop and Jim Donnan has some jokes. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 544 with Jim Donnan

February 20, 2018

Back from Orlando, the UGASports LIVE guys break down a number of recruiting targets and what they saw on the road. Plus Jim Donnan answers a ton of questions from our listeners about the program and more. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 543 with Jim Donnan

February 13, 2018

Georgia landed its first No. 1-ranked recruiting class of the Rivals era last week, just as Jim Donnan predicted. The former Georgia head coach explains how the Dawgs pulled it off and why 2019 might be just as good. Plus, he has some new scoop on a project at Georgia the players are going to love. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 542 with Jim Donnan

February 6, 2018

With National Signing Day upon us, Jim Donnan and the UGASports guys give you their thoughts on who the Bulldogs will add to the fold. Plus we have some analysis, a few stories and even a joke or two. Listen now. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 541 with Jim Donnan

January 30, 2018

It's time for the State of the Program and former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan delivers. He explains where the Bulldogs are in recruiting, the current roster, the likely SEC standings and the facilities race. There are some eye-opening issues brought up for discussion. As always, we answer your questions.


UGASports LIVE, Episode 540 with Jim Donnan

January 23, 2018

What is the best way to interview a candidate for a coaching job? Former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan tells us how he did it in light of the fact that Kirby Smart needs to make a couple coaching hires. We discuss that, the final recruiting rankings and much more. Of course, as always we answer your questions and tell a few jokes. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 539 with Jim Donnan

January 16, 2018

In this week's episode of the UGASports LIVE podcast with Jim Donnan, we take a look at who Georgia is losing and who the Bulldogs are adding to the roster. We examine a new coach as well where the Dawgs stand on the recruiting trail. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 538 with Jim Donnan

January 9, 2018

Former Georgia head coach Jim Donnan breaks down the national championship game and why the Bulldogs came up short. He answers questions sent in from our readers as well. 


UGASports LIVE, Episode 537 with Jim Donnan

January 4, 2018

The Bulldogs are the Rose Bowl champions and are headed to the National Title game. Jim Donnan breaks down the match-up with Alabama and what the Bulldogs need to do to win. Don't miss this special edition of the UGASports LIVE podcast.